I’m Chakib Lahrichi, CEO of Alfa Air and private jet pilot.

I’ve been flying for over 37 years. So I have lots of insider knowledge to share with you about private jet travel. From which aircraft to choose to the best airports, from finding a flight to boarding your aircraft  and what to expect on board.

Fully integrating the upheavals of the current economic world and the new requirements of its actors- users, Alfa Air introduces a meaningfully unique and innovative approach to the fast-changing universe of the private aviation business.

It represents more than ever the ultimate tool of freedom for individuals, and of extreme performance for organizations. Alfa Air is part of this approach and it is specialized in the charter of private jets. It is a major Player in this niche business. Within a global and national context where time has become a challenge of competitiveness and productivity, it is positioned to serve time.

Alfa Air offers therefore a customized air travel where confidentiality, security and high efficiency are the priorities of a team of professionals who will constantly be attentive to your desires and your cravings in the lap of luxury, warmness, conviviality and in an environment without constraints.

Alfa-Air opens the door to another dimension of travelling where pleasure and comfort are the sole masters on board … except you!

Chakib Lahrichi
Founder & CEO