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Alfa Air provides a solution to each of your trip request through a tailor-made offer and rates studied according to your needs.

Alfa Air confirms your flight in less than two hours with a takeoff in ten minutes after boarding. We are committed to providing you with an impeccable level of service and convenience in the field of business aviation.

Our fleet is divided into four categories to meet your demands both in terms of number of passengers and distance. Thus, we are able to offer you the best rates suited for your particular  your trips.



Jetstream 32 Turboprop CN-TMK Specification

47′ 2

BAE Jetstream 32

Number of Seats 16  Cabin

Range 3 hrs 24 mins
Cruise Speed 250 mph
Baggage Capacity 65 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 24′ 3
Lavatory Partial
The British Aerospace Jetstream 32 represents further development and improvements to the J31 aircraft.  The aircraft has been operated in the U.S. by Pan American World Airways, Trans State Airlines, Express I Airlines as well as Atlantic Coast Airlines. It remains in use in a number of Charter and Regional airlines around the world.

Powered by Garrett TPE-331-20 engines, the J31 has a max takeoff weight of 15,212 and a useful load of 4,500 lbs. The aircraft has two baggage storage areas, an aft baggage compartment which can carry 628 lbs. and a ventral pod which can carry 435 lbs.



Falcon 10 Light Jet CN-TLD Specification

Falcon 10 Light Jet CN-TKN

45′ 5

Falcon 10

Number of Seats 4-9
4′ 7
Range 4 hrs 13 mins
Cruise Speed 455 mph
Baggage Capacity 70 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 12′ 7
Lavatory Partial
4′ 8
The Dassault Family creates jets with high standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement.  Although Dassault’s models have evolved and improved over time, the Falcon 10, a light, twin-turbo fan business jet, remains popular in the used aircraft market, and for good reasons.  It was introduced for the first time in December 1970 to fill the gap between the Falcon 20 and smaller turboprop cabin-class business jets.

In 1983, Dassault redesigned and fine-tuned elements of the Falcon 10, which was renamed the Falcon 100.  Following the redesign period, 37 additional aircraft were built before terminating production in 1989.

Dassault always brings the best-of-the-best aircraft to the market.  Falcon 10 owners love their aircraft, which is evident by the 226 Falcon’s built between 1973 and 1989.  Even as an older model, the Falcon 10/100 is a good, medium-range aircraft for executive use and continues to be sought-after by many.

Falcon 20 Mid Size Jet CN-TNM Specification
56′ 3

Falcon 20/200

Number of Seats 1-10
5′ 8
Range 6 hrs 12 mins
Cruise Speed 440 mph
Baggage Capacity 70 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 24′ 4
Lavatory Full
6′ 1
The Dassault Falcon 20 is a French business jet and was the first of a family of business jets built by Dassault Aviation.

Some Falcon 20s powered by General Electric CF700 engines were re-engined with Garrett TFE731 engines. These aircraft were redesignated with a “-5” after the model number. Volpar, Inc

The improved Falcon 200 features more advanced jet engines and other major improvements to increase range, capacity and comfort. The aircraft proved to be so popular that production did not end until 1988, being superseded by more advanced developments of the Falcon family. The United States Coast Guard operates a model called the HU-25 Guardian which is used as a high-speed spotter aircraft to locate shipwreck survivors, direct slower-moving aircraft, rescue vessels, interdict aerial and ship borne drug trafficking. The Falcon 20G, HU-25 and Falcon 200 were powered by Garrett ATF3 engines.